About Us

YouMint is India’s largest online rewards program!

With over 8 million members and growing phenomenally, YouMint is India’s No.1 online rewards program. YouMint was founded in 2008 and has since won several awards including the coveted HSBC SME innovation award, presented to us by Mrs. Naina Lal Kidwai herself.


YouMint is funded by Lloyds Ventures, a multinational investment company with investments in Telecoms and Media across Europe and Asia. Lloyds ventures owns 3 telecom related businesses and works closely with over 400 mobile operators globally i.e more than 60% of all mobile operators in the world!

When you want customers, we want You !

YouMint is a rewards program that delivers. To you, our partners and clients, we deliver quality returns on your investment, unmatched targeting capabilities, and the Internet’s most responsive consumer database: over 8 million emailable members. To our members, we deliver a long-term relationship, reliable customer service, and high-quality offers.

Our dependable, loyal customer base expects to hear about great offers from you. We can target our base using data points and lead-gen offers, so that the only people who see your offer are the ones most likely to respond.

We’re the best kept secret online; let us show you why. Email our sales team today at sales@youmint.com or click above to find out more.

What do we mean? Just look at our members:

1,000,000 Women Members
73% make household grocery decisions Mean HHI is extremely high
65,000 Doctors 64% own their homes
65% use the Web to research purchases 80% are online every day

We target our members using over 500 data points,  so only the right eyeballs see your offer. We have the ability to track our members actions from Click to Lead. We will work closely with you, from planning to launch, and even post-launch, constantly testing, optimizing and refining your campaign to ensure success.

Our past results speak for themselves.

Market Research Delivers!

Since 2008, YouMint has been providing online sampling solutions to the market research industry. Specifically, YouMint provides targeted, qualified respondents for participation in a wide variety of research studies.

YouMint’s Market Research Capabilities:

Experienced, full-service online sampling, validated by many of the top custom marketing research and online sampling companies

YouMint has over 8+ million double opt-in  emailable members & 300,000+ NRI members

Members are profiled by up to 500 data points allowing for accurate targeting and higher completion rates:

  • Segments such as consumers, IT professionals, B2B managers and ethnic groups
  • Robust respondent history for reuse and recontact requirements

For more information on our market research sample capabilities, please contact sales@youmint.com

Case Studies from across various Industries:

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