Advertise with us

Why Advertise with us?

There’s loads we could write here! It is after all the essence of our existence! In a nutshell however…

  • We PREFER performance based payouts! YouMint only takes campaigns where we can deliver significant value. You can be rest assured that if we agree to advertise your products or services, then WE WILL deliver!
  • YouMint has over 8 Million members who are ALL Opt-in users. Members have opted-in to receive advertising from us.  We are almost like a TV channel. A TV Channel offers 24 minutes of content and 6 minutes of advertising funds that content. A user is offered gratification in the form of content and TV channels hope that users will watch the incorporated advertising. Gratification is Ad-funded. In our case, we offer our members gratification in the various forms of rewards, just to say thank you for staying opted-in to YouMint.
  • YouMint’s intelligent Ad serving engine only delivers relevant ads to the defined Target audience based on over 40 parameters. Advertisers can better target consumers based on Interests and demographics like age, gender, location down to area and pincode level! We’ve even been told by the industry that this could turn out to be a “Marketers” Dream come true! YouMint enables you to target like you’ve never done before!
  • The combination of SMS and Email marketing can deliver wonders for advertisers, as it has done in the case of all our advertisers. We’ve delivered over 14% response rates consistently on all our campaigns! Nokia, Star Movies and all our other advertisers have verified these response rates on our platform too!
  • YouMint has its responsibility carved out for both it’s members and the advertisers. We aspire to provide our advertisers the most cost effective way to reach their target user groups.

For more information drop us a line on and we will revert to you as soon as possible. Please remember to include a phone number where we can call you and once again, we PREFER performance based payouts! roulett online